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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  June 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. this is 9news now. he chewed of another man's face in a zombie style attack. what drug was in the killer's body. plus colorado on fire. thousands of families forced out of their homes. they might never see those homes again. and the at&t national golf tournament as hour region buzz tog night as well as -- our region buzzing tonight as well as some area businesses. they are booming.
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and we're on the eve of one of the consequential decisions of the year. the constitutionality of the health care act. that's the provision of the law making everyone to get insurance or pay a penalty if you don't. >> the court will announce its ruling in a few hours. >> reporter: can the government order us to do that, buy something or pay a penalty if we don't? does the constitution allow that? getting an answer to questions like that is why we have a supreme court in the first place. at health care town hall meetings two years ago, the individual mandate bothered citizens who chose to use his money for family needs other than health insurance. >> that's working out fine for me. >> reporter: and confronted maryland senator with the key question. >> are you going to tell me, an individual, that i have to buy health care or else you're going
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to fine me $2,500 every year? >> reporter: we edited his question and the answer. >> what happens if you get sick and you end up in the emergency room. you don't pay. you are part of the population that shifts its cost over to a person who does pay. >> reporter: and so the supreme court questin . >> how much federal governmental power should there be over our lives. >> reporter: you would expect an answer from the supreme court. >> but there is this opening question of whether or not the court has the authority to decide that. >> reporter: veteran supreme court reporter s a 19th century law might prohibit the court from deciding at all. but the key question is that individual mandate. >> if they find it unconstitutional, then they have to decide what the remainder of the law then can do. >> reporter: how much of the law can stay if the mandate
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falls. >> it stops insurance companies from charging higher rates to those with preexisting conditions. >> it's a very conservative course. >> reporter: he retains the belief that politics are not determine tiv. >> i don't think the justices pay a lot of attention to the ebb and flow of politics. that's because they've all grown up in the system where they have learned to keep their focus on a legal record. >> reporter: that is what we're told the supreme court is supposed to do. decide on precedent. those on either side are skeptical. and whether the court's decision is political or not, derek and anita, will certainly launch or political year. >> it certainly will, gary. thank you. the presume tiv presidential nominee mitt romney was in virginia tonight, and he has a plan in place no matter what the court decides. >> so if the court up holds it, if they say it passes the constitution, it still is bad
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policy. and that means if i'm elected, we're going to repeal it and replace it. and if, on the other hand, the court strikes it down, they'll be doing some of my work for me. i won't have to repeal it, but i still will have to replace it and i will. >> and we will have complete coverage of this landmark decision tomorrow all day on 9 news and online at well, things are getting back to normal on the metro tonight. but just before 6:00, there was a shift problem on the red line. and that left commuters waiting for up to half an hour. now, metro had the issue fixed about an hour later. and the house is expected to vote tomorrow on whether or not to hold attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress. now, this all stems from the bungled operation known as fast and furious. the failed government plan put guns into the hands of mexican drug cartel. it turns out, the police standoff in falls church was a lot more intense than we even knew. it ended last night when police
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tased 57-year-old james rakosky. it started 28 hours earlier. he had doused himself with gasoline and he was going to set his home on fire along with his 95-year-old dad who was still in there. he pulled out a gun and forced the cops back. in the end, nobody was hurt and some neighbors we talked to were very forgiving about whatever it might have been that drove him to such desperation. >> he's a nice man. and so something is going on that's making him be really desperate. >> he could have been my son. and he's mentally ill. it's not his fault. >> police have charged him with some weapons violations. strong winds near colorado springs are whipping up a huge wild fire in what's being called literally a monster. almost 1,000 firefighters are trying to contain the flames and save homes in some of the most beautiful land in our country. we report from the zone known as
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the garden of the gods. >> reporter: in the hills around colorado sps , the winds are winning. fanneded by gusts up to 65 miles an hour. a huge wild fire is spreading quickly, consuming everything in its past. >> wind is a big factor in how we do this fire, and it's 1 of the reasons it's difficult to fight. >> reporter: more than 32,000 people were ordered out of their homes as the fiery deuced entire neighborhoods to ash. -- fire reduced entire neighborhoods to ash. firefighters are trying to save homes, they can't count how many dozens have been lost so far. scott deed's son was killed in iraq in 2005. on monday he was in danger of moving his home. they ordered deeds to leave and he did, pausing only to take the flag that had been flying in front of his house. >> the flag is my son. i lost him in iraq. so i want to make sure i take that down along with the marine and all of the other flags that go along with that. >> reporter: the flames are
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threatening buildings on the u.s. air force academy's campus. 10 acres have already burned. >> we're facing a potentially devastating disaster right here. >> reporter: this fire is one of several burning across colorado. president obama is scheduled to meet with fire officials on friday. unless the weather cooperates, those conditions will likely be worse. cbs news, colorado springs, colorado. he is the brother of bernie madoff and now we're learning that peter madoff will plead guilty friday for his role in the multi-billion dollar fraud thousands of investors lost their life savings in the scam. the former chief compliance officer. it turns out there was pot but no bath salt. the zombie like attack happened in south florida last month. they killed him after the
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18-minute feeding frenzy. there were no other drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the attack. now to a lawsuit that might have you wondering who is really the won wrestling with demons. a woman says she went to a priest to undergo an exorcism. the man ended up sexually abusing her over several months. she is settling with him. now she's suing the catholic diocese of arlington which covers northern virginia. she's seeking more than $5 million. the diocese says the man never served as a priest for them. retailers in potomac village are seeing green this week. a big spike in sales all thanks to the at&t national golf tournament. our ken molestina is live there tonight with a large crowd that are opening up their wallets. ken. >> reporter: yes, they are. if you notice, you'll notice it's a fairly sleepy area when it comes to retail and people dining out. but now retailers out here say
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it has awakened with plenty of activity. the dining room at the river falls restaurant in potomac village has been bursting with customers since the tournament crowd showed up. >> it's been very busy the last two days. we've been jam packed. >> reporter: kristin runs the restaurant. they've only been around for a couple of months and the large crowds filling up the eatery is putting smiles on their faces and extra revenue in their bank accounts. >> right now we have an hour long wait and we have people sitting out here waiting. our bar is full, and it's never full on a wednesday night. we have people standing all around. it's excellent. >> reporter: she says on a night like which they're expected to double their sales. the staff has been beefed up with extra helpers to accommodate the golf fans. >> we added a few extra bartenders, servers, making sure that the servers are leaving their house earlier than usual because the traffic is usually pretty bad. >> reporter: even the locals here are feeling the rush and the excitement of having all of this activity in their
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neighborhood. now, some are hoping more events that generate big dollars will continue to come to the area. >> great. great for the economy. for the community. it's awesome. >> reporter: the manager here says tonight has been the busiest and the most lucrative night for them since they've opened up shop two months ago, and they're hoping to repeat nights like tonight for the rest of the week. we're live, ken ken, 9news now. >> thank you. if business is up in potomac, that means plenty of eyes will be on the players when the competition gets under way tomorrow. >> mike hydeck put away the alarm clock this week to cover the at&t national. what are you doing up at this hour? >> he's not used to it. >> it's odd. it's odd. a little tip of the hat to my morning crew. it's hard to think this late. it's unusual to be up at this hour. but after three days at congressional, we can tell you everyone there is ready for the first drive. it starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning. tiger woods spent some time on
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the driving range today hoping to regain the form that led him to the top of the u.s. open. he is hoping he is a bit more consistent and doesn't lose the lead and fall back into the pack. but tiger didn't talk today. yesterday he told us he took some time off for a pretty good reason. >> i didn't really practice a lot this past week. i was with my kids. and i got away from the game. i was just present with them. >> now we're going to have more from tiger. jim surek as well and others coming up at the at&t national. clubhouse reports start at 11:30. we'll discuss the field. who has the best shot of winning this year and who might surprise us. it's all coming up right here after 9news now at 11:00. and one final note as we've been hearing from topper all week, it is going to be hot tomorrow and throughout the weekend. so the tournament is discounting bottled water to $2 a bottle. there will be fans misting fans flowing to try to keep people cool. it's not going to be easy no
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matter what we do. >> and mike hydeck is wearing shorts tomorrow. >> yes. [ laughing ] >> all right. after the break, tonight the fda approves the first new giant drug in more than a decade. we're going to tell you who is eligible to get it and explain the risk. plus the supreme court rules on health care reform tomorrow. i'll tell you who is at stake. top. >> we hit 89 today. it was not humid at all. here is the wakeup weather. it's going to warm up very, very fast. 60 to start. mid 60s to mid 70s by 7:00 and 75-80 by 9:00. we'll talk about how hot it's going to talk tomorrow and when the nasty humidity rolls in and the potential for wig storms. -- big storms
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in tonight's health alert, there is a new weapon in the fight against fat. the first new prescription drug for long-term weight loss approved in morning a decade. it's called belvic. and they approved it today for adults that have at least one medical complication. it works by fooling a part of the brain. a patient feels fuller sooner. it helped lisa suter take off 40 pounds. >> the first day i took it, i was able to stick to the number of calories. i didn't feel an urge to
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overate. >> but many of the -- overeat. >> but many of the dieters had less of an effect. it was rejected before in 2010 over concerns about tumors in animal studies and worry about damage to heart valves. they've seen that before with diet drugs. now today the fda said additional safety data was enough to warrant the approval. no matter what the high court does tomorrow, surveys suggest a great many, perhaps even a majority of americans will be unhappy with the results. but derek says if the affordable care act goes away, they'll have something to be happy about. >> today john baner and his gop could not wait to jump in front of the cameras. that if they do away with obama care, they're ready to dump the rest of it. ditto for mitt romney. i get it. the affordable care act is a
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huge sack of legislation. it looks like health care written by a committee basically because it was written by a bunch of committees and lawyers and interest groups creating a 2700 page health care frankenstein that is frankly hard to love. and besides, who likes the government making them do anything, much less buy health insurance. still, the president's plan does have the advantage of actually being a plan which covers almost everybody. the gop screams repeal and replace, but the replace part is always kind of murky, and they never even talk about universal coverage. covering everyone is expensive and it involves some tough choices and the gop has been good at pointing that out. it's called socialist government run health care. but what if your alternative still leaves 10s of millions of americans struggling without health care? i call that just plain wrong. anita. >> thanks, derek.
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>> you want to respond to something derek says, just watch any let's be real commentary. head over to the web page. it's part of our home page just roll over features. okay. so at congressional they're going to have misting. they're going to have localities of water. >> good. good. -- lots of water. >> good. good. tomorrow won't be crazy hot. it won't be crazy humid either. but then friday, saturday, sunday, we'll be flirting with crazy hot. i call triple digits really hot. let's look at the cam from michael and son. the high was 89. right now 77. still a few leftover clouds. we're going to clear out. dew point manageable in the 50s. not quite as spectacular as it was earlier. 56. winds out of the south and southwest at 6. winds raising. here is the deal. we're looking at need your shades tomorrow. you're going to have a sunny commute. coming down that spur. no doubt about that. hot but not crazy humid
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tomorrow. so still manageable. i don't think the humidity will bump the temperatures up that much. in other words, the heat index will not that be much than the actual temperature. dangerous heat arrives on friday and stays through the weekend and big or severe thunderstorms are possible on friday. pretty much both in the morning and afternoon. now, we're not looking at anything widespread like june 21st or 22nd, any storm that develops can be pretty intense. so overnight, clear skies. not as cool. turn the ac on. you might want to. lows in the 60s. winds out of the west at about 10. now, tomorrow morning, most ee sunny. very warm -- mostly sunny. very warm by lunch time. 70s and 80s. some area may flirt with 90 by lunch time. air code slips to moderate. by afternoon, hot again. little more humid. high temperatures near 95 and winds out of the southwest at 10. check out the highs for tomorrow. look at the area covered in century temperatures.
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101 in north plat. 103 in dallas. 101 in chicago. 100 in the motor city. the heat is not going to miss us. it's going to slide east and set camp up for a while. we'll break it down. 63-73 to start. reasonable start. 86-92 by noon. we're going to keep thursday dry. next three days, green, yellow, yellow. 99 on friday. notice we have the storm icon in the middle. so it could be morning or it could be evening. and then on saturday, hot again. a couple of storms possible. primarily in the afternoon or evening. high temps on saturday 100 degrees. next seven days, it stays hot on sunday. upper 90s on sunday. just an isolated storm. and then we stay in the mid 90s monday and tuesday. the 4th of july temperatures in the mid 90s. nats back in town. also with some isolated thunderstorms. kristen will talk sports right after this. stay tuned.
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moses had a tablet. fred anyone stone had a tablet. now -- flinstone had a tablet. today they introduced the tablet computer, the nex us 7. we don't know what became of nexus 1-6. but it will sell for 199 bucks. less than half the cost of an apple ipad. and nexus is at least as smart as a professor. >> who is the prime minister of japan. >> the prime minister of japan. >> the tab will run on the company's android operating system which is getting upgraded to a new version called jelly
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bean. a new era has begun in washington. all of the brass came to the capitals stadium as they introduced their new head coach. adam oates was there. now, alex ovechkin called him up and was extremely excited about him coming on board. he takes over the rains by hunter. how long did it really take him to say yes? >> let's see. five seconds. [ laughing ] >> when i picked up the phone. >> we believe adam oates is a guy who has lots of up site and can be a real difference maker for the club. >> we have to do better in the playoffs. adam has been in the finals twice and we want to win a a cup together. >> let's talk about the washington wizards. they'll be a part of the nba draft tomorrow and the wizards currently hold the third pickover all. so unless they trade it, they
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will likely draft florida's bradley beel if he's there, which is no guarantee. we're back after this.
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and that is 9news for tonight. thanks for staying up with us. >> and don't go away. in just a couple minutes, we're back with the at&t national clubhouse report, and we, of course, wil


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